Our long history as a leader in the distribution market guarantees us as a reliable, safe company that never disappoints either its clients or the ultimate consumer of our products.

Empresa de conservas cenador

A Company With History

Conservas Cenador was born in 2008 by Distribuciones y Exclusivas Servial, S.L. owner of the “Cenador” and “Conservas Cenador” brand. Servial, born in 1995, focuses its work on the wholesale distribution of food products in general, either with our brands or those of our suppliers. Our scope of action is the Galician community.

Conservas Cenador focuses on the sale of canned fish and vegetables exclusively under the “Cenador” brand, nationwide. Both companies share resources and concerns. The quality of our products and the correct attention to our customers are our motto.

From the sea to the table

Our distribution group sees as its highest priority dealing with sustainable suppliers that offer us the maximum guarantees of fishing methods that respect and care for the ecosystems of our seas. Our commitment to offering a production chain that does not harm the natural environment that we love so much permeates all our actions.

We offer our customers the security that, when they are eating one of our preserves, they are consuming a top quality product that respects the environment from which it comes.

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